Evaluation criteria

Ease of contact: possibility to trace APM professional members.

Quick response: compatibly with the commitments, the Customer is received in laboratory or visited at the Company to which they belong within a few working days. In case of real urgency, compatibly with the type of test, APM guarantees results in a few hours.

Courtesy in relationships: asking is lawful, answering is courtesy. Professional ethics require us to take into consideration all the customer's questions, possibly addressing them to other structures for services not within the competence of APM.

Responsiveness: promptness in solving the Customer's problems in a short time.

Reliability: winning the customer's trust is one of the primary objectives of APM.

Tangibility: total clarity in all aspects of the relationship with the customer.

Transparency: total openness to laboratory visits by the customer or his delegates (inspectors, quality managers, ...)

Expertise: no one better than the Client is able to judge the professional's work.