Mechanical and technological tests

  • Rockwell - Brinell - Vickers hardness (UNI EN ISO 6508-1, UNI EN ISO 6506-1, UNI EN ISO 6507-1)
  • Hardness of resistance welds (UNI EN ISO 14271)
  • Hardness and microhardness on arc welded joints (UNI EN 1043-1-2)
  • Microhardness of the galvanic layers
  • Hardening depth, carburization and nitriding with microhardness HV (UNI 11153-2)
  • Tensile tests on metallic materials (UNI EN ISO 6892-1)
  • Tensile test on welded joints (UNI EN 876, UNI EN 895, EN ISO 4136)
  • Tensile test on screws and bolts (UNI EN ISO 898, UNI EN ISO 3506-1)
  • Tensile and compression test on finished/semi-finished components with construction of specific equipment
  • Compression tests
  • Bending tests on welds of metallic materials (UNI EN 910)
  • KCV - KCU impact tests from room temperature up to - 196 ° C (UNI EN 875, UNI EN ISO 148-1, UNI EN ISO 9016)
  • Jominy hardenability tests with machining of the test specimen (UNI EN ISO 642)
  • Suitability tests of welding procedures (UNI EN 288)

APM has a workshop equipped for cutting and machining test specimens, even on large parts, and is able to build equipment to specific standards provided by the customer..

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